Current Officers

  • Ken Shipman - Chair
  • Suzanne Austin - Vice-Chair
  • Megan Balderston - Secretary
  • Joseph Tobolski - Treasurer


1.    To identify, screen and present to the voters at a community wide open meeting the best qualified candidates for local elective public office on a non-partisan basis.
2.    The Caucus considers and evaluates potential candidates on the basis of their individual qualifications.  These include:

  • Local community organization and professional experience relevant to the office involved.
  • Demonstrated leadership and working relationship skills in collegial environments.
  • Understanding of the challenges and requirements involved in the position for which they are being considered.

The Caucus strictly adheres to the principal that “the office seeks the candidate”.  As a result, potential candidates who appear to be seeking elective office in order to advance personal agendas or those of special interest groups are not proposed for Caucus endorsement.  

The Clarendon Hills Community Caucus is a non-profit organization that adheres to objectives, principles, and By-Laws that are determined by the residents of Clarendon Hills.  It has served an important community role for over 50 years.  All residents who are eligible to vote are automatically Caucus members and are strongly urged to participate and vote in open, public meetings of the Caucus.  All Caucus meetings are publicly announced in local newspapers and other media. 

Clarendon Hills Community Caucus Process

First Meeting - Kick off to Identify Caucus Nominating Committees

  1. A public Kick-Off Meeting is held to seek and appoint volunteers to serve on Caucus Nominating Committees (minimum of 3 and maximum of 12 members on each committee  - selected randomly).
  2. Nominating Committees meet to seek out, interview and evaluate potential candidates.  The candidates picked for nomination are those selected by the majority of members on each respective Nominating Committee.
  3. Nominating Committee representative’s present candidate recommendations to Caucus officers and these names are published in local newspapers prior to the Town Meeting.

Second Meeting  - Town Meeting

  1. A public Town Meeting is held in November/December when Nominating Committee representatives officially propose their candidate recommendation to the Caucus members in attendance. 
  2. All residents attending the meeting vote on Nominating Committee recommendations as well as any nominations from the floor.
  3. The nominees receiving the greatest number of votes at the Town Meeting are declared official Caucus endorsed candidates.
  4. Nomination and election of Caucus officers for the next election cycle also takes place at the Town Meeting.